Cartoon's - Comic Strips - Animation

Comic Strips

Our comic strips are used for advertising shows and as another outlet for our RatZ merchantdise. The content will be focused on the younger viewer interests.

Origin Story

Well you cant have a cartoon hero without an Origin Story, so here is our three pane view, a fuller story has been made and in both comic strip and animation formats.


Cartoons are motion focused, our 30 second promo cartoons are made for social media outlets with 3 to 5 minuites for free to air or youtube advertisment content.

Cartoon Transitions

We use comic strips to storyboard to the viewer, and as cartoons for scene transformations and advertising. This quick example uses a music video as content.

Animation - youngsters

For the younger viewer we can make fun animated shorts. Stories or nursry rhymes using RatZ caractures and our vehicles with suitable merchandise available.

Animation - CGi

With the modern advencements of software rigging and photogrammetry it's easy to build detailed CGi sets. Our cartoons provide content so all we need to do is convert it.