More than just a TV show

In a demanding and changing world of entertainment to be on top you have to be open to new technologies.

Life moves pretty fast, if you dont stop and look around once in a while you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller...

The challange for us was not to make a car show, lets face it they get turned out in the hundreds of hours from many sources, many only make it to YouTube. We are making a new era in delivery of what is more than just a car show - its life Jim but not as you know it.

Social media presence

Our team build a social media presence, interacting and promoting the shows to our. Our cartoons and the Ratz caricatures are made for this.

Pay Per View additional content

During our extensive reaserch it was soon apparent that beyond just the entertainment value there is a huge demand for an educational content. To satisfy this we keep the cameras rolling and edit short shows dealing with single subjects for the PPV audience.

why our show?

We are the 1st

We are the first, - simples -
As a business our practice is always to chase the latest in technology so we have applied this ethos to the shows and adiitional content we produce.

We are the best

BOLD statement...
Technically as we are the first then we are the best, however we will stay ahead becasue we never standstill we always search and find more.

We are fresh

New talent, new processes and no old industry hang ups we are either scary or we are pioneers. To keep ahead we regulalry search social media for new ideas and trends.


Toy Cars

A range of toy cars that replicate our show cars for kids of all ages.


From T-shirts to HatZ
a range made by the RatZ.


Treat yourself to a pet RatZ to keep at home...


Well it wouldnt be the first time a brand of drinks gets launched, by James.

Supporting Charities

Our shows support 2 charities - Dominics Story (John Radcliffe Hospital) - McKenzie Friends (parents support).

meet us - watch us - see us

Family entertainment from TV to Live shows.

greatest tracks

Supporting musical talent with our in show sets and show theme music all from local bands